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Unusually colorful vegetables

Radio Show: Unusually colorful vegetables
I was recently perusing my Organic Gardening magazine (my 2nd favorite behind Northern Gardener!) and came across an article featuring some easy grow vegetables with unique colors!  I love kale – it’s loaded with what’s good for you and fantastic in soups.  A Portuguese kale is supposed to be sweeter, crisper with flatter leaves.

Portuguese kale from Renee's Garden

You can see the leaves are much different, the color is lighter.  Portuguese kale is also more heat tolerant.  I found seed for this kale at Renee’s Garden.  The above photo is from thier site.

Tomatoes aren’t just red!  No sir!  ‘Black Cherry’ and ‘Green Zebra’ rated high on an Organic Gardening taste panel.

Tomato 'Black Cherry' from Burpee

Tomato ‘Black Cherry’ from Burpee

The flavor of ‘Black Cherry’ is described as complex, rich, juicy and sweet!  This is an heirloom variety.  65 days to maturity

Tomato 'Green Zebra'

Tomato ‘Green Zebra’

‘Green Zebra’ is a hybrid of several heirlooms, it’s a prolific producer.  So how do you know when the fruit is ripe?  When the stripes start to yellow and it easily pulls from the vine.   78 days to maturity.

You’ve heard me talk about ‘Purple Dragon’ carrots – there’s also ‘Purple Haze’…


Carrots 'Purple Dragon'

Carrots ‘Purple Dragon’

Studies have found that these blue and purple pigments can improve memory, enhance vision, protect against heart attacks, act as anti-inflammatories, and even help control weight.   btw, don’t store carrots near apples or pears.  They give off a gas that will turn carrots bitter.

One more possibility:  eggplant ‘Little Green’ from Baker Creek heirloom seeds.  It’s reported to be sweet, mild and good for container growing!

Eggplant'Little Green'

Eggplant’Little Green’





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