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Garden Design principles 2

bench garden

The above garden has plenty of room for more designing but isn’t that the fun of it!?!  After all, the garden, I’ve found, is never really done as you can see below…

Shade garden planted

Andrew Sankey’s Garden Design Principles continue:

5.  Use the whole plot.  Keep in mind the entire area including your lawns, the kids sandbox, birdbaths, etc.

6.  Don’t be afraid to change.  Your plants OR your design.  Sometimes that’s part of the fun!

7.  Don’t be dotty!  In other words, plant in mass.  At least 3 of a kind with 7 of a kind being even better.  Plopping one type of plant here and one type of plant there, just makes for a confusing mix.  Your garden will pop better when you have odd numbers of the same plants.

8.  Don’t be overly ambitious.  Remember it takes about 3 to 4 years for your perennials to reach maturity, longer for trees and shrubs.  Give them time.  Don’t plant too close.


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