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Pumpkin or Squash?

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What’s the diff?  Not much…

There are 3 different types with hundreds of cultivars.  From orange to green to yellow to white, from large to small from thick skin to thin; these beautiful veggies/fruits are filled with fantastic fiber and much more!

  • Cucurbita pepo – have very hard stems.  Includes some pumpkins and Delicata squash
  • Cucurbita maxima – have wider, softer, pulpy stems.  Includes Buttercup and Hubbard squash
  • Cucurbita moschata is the buff colored Butternut squash – which is what’s used for canned pumpkin

Look for squash/pumpkins that have a maturity date of 100 days or less.  You can plant the transplants when the soil has warmed, after Memorial weekend up into June.

Acorn squash are not good keepers but most others are good for 3 to 6 months.  The University of Illinois extension offers a great list of their recommendations for Winter Squash.   Some varieties recommended by some of our own U of MN extension personnel include the Kabocha variety of Butternut and ‘Confection’.



Two major pests of squash are the Vine Borer and the Squash bug, both of which I’ve had.  One of the notable ways to discourage these two pests is to plant later in June…  that’s why it’s important to plant transplants that mature in 100 days or less for our climate.  This article by the University of Michigan on Organic Control is well worth a read.


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