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More myth busting about trees

Click below to listen to my Garden Bite radio show:  More myth busting about trees

I mentioned Jeff Gillman in yesterday’s radio show, today, we’ll get more from him!  His book “Decoding Gardening Advice” goes several steps further in guiding gardeners the changing wisdom of garden practices.  One section is devoted to trees and shrubs.  Jeff has years of data gathering to back him up.


Yes, you can beat your tree for more blooms, but, seriously?  What were these people thinking?  Let nature do her thing!  As you’ll hear in the podcast above, taking a baseball bat after your tree will damage the tree!  Don’t think you need years of data to figure that one out.

DO: Only prune trees/shrubs on planting to take out dead and damaged limbs.

DO:  Plant the roots of your tree/shrub at soil level!

Tree wraps – there’s debate on this one.  I recommend “Decoding Gardening Advice” the science behind 100 most common recommendations.  It’s co-authored with Meleah Maynard.  The sections are divided up into Good Advice, Advice that’s debatable and Advice that’s just wrong.

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