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Soil test

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Getting a soil test is always a good idea!  A reminder as we head into possible flooding season, flooded soil loses some micronutrients and compost.  Getting a soil test through the University of Minnesota offers much more comprehensive information and is worth the money.

soil testing lab

Soil Testing Labratory [University of Minnesota Extension] I also have a link in my Favorite Links

soil test certified

Before you start digging for samples, make sure you’re soil is dried out sufficiently.  You can test it by taking a handful of soil, squeeze it in your hand.  If it stays in a tight ball, it’s too wet;  if it crumbles apart, unlikely right now, it’s too dry;  if it stays in a loose ball, it’s just right!

good dirt!

good dirt!

I want to welcome my sponsor Creekside Soils.  They blend a number of soil amendments as well as potting soil and topsoil.  Available around the state in a nursery near you.  Gardeners who know, use Creekside.

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