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The poop on manure

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Manure happens!  And in abundance but fresh manure should never be put on a veggie garden!  You can buy composted manure at most garden centers.

Creekside compost with manure

Temperatures in a compost pile should reach 130 to 140 degrees to kill weed seeds and pathogens.  It should stay at that temp for at least 5 days.  Most folks stay away from pig manure.  It’s best to stick with dairy, sheep, horse or poultry manure.

Never use dog or cat manure.  It’s just not worth the risk as dogs may have worms and cats can carry parasites.  You can use your PET rabbit, guinea pig or hamsters bedding but only AFTER it’s been composted.  However, you CAN use wild rabbit droppings with no composting.  Those bunnies are usually depositing them in your garden for you!


sneaky bunny

sneaky bunny


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