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Arbor Day

Click below to listen to my Garden Bite radio show:  Arbor Day history

Today is Arbor Day.  I told you during my radio show, and above podcast, how Arbor Day started.  It’s also a good reminder of how to plant trees.

When trees are planted improperly (and sometimes, even if they are) the roots can start to grow around themselves.  This girdling will eventually kill the tree.  It’s unable to take up water and nutrients it needs.

When planting container grown trees we used to say to plant the tree at the same level it came in but we’re now finding that some of these trees are planted to deep.

Pull the soil away from the tree and check the depth.  PLANT any tree no deeper than the root flare, where the trunk meets the root system.  You want those roots near the surface of the soil.  The most important roots are withing the top 3 to 6 inches of soil.

Check your city’s website for Arbor Day celebrations and go plant (and hug) a tree!

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