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Fruit flies and other annoyances

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We have had a bazillion fruit flies in our office kitchen.  Seriously, one of the most annoying little creatures.  They drive me crazy.  Of course, I’m not the only one.  Some of the guys hit them with power spray chemicals that smell awful and then I ponder how much has gone into the cupboards.  I found a simple solution.

fruit fly bait

fruit fly bait

The above is from a woman who used cut bananas to attract the flies and some apple cider vinegar, placed saran wrap over it and poked small holes in the saran wrap.

All I did was put a drop of dishsoap we had at work into one of those small dispense cups for watercooler, add a tablespoon or so of apple cider vinegar and then filled it with water.  The flies were attracted to the apple cider vinegar, got trapped in the soap and died!  SUCCESS!  You do have to do this repeatedly but it’s FAR better than using those chemical sprays.  Even the guys are doing it now!  😉 

fruit fly trap 2

Gnats and bats are other annoyances.  At least bats are great for something OUTSIDE of my home!  😉  They are voracious eaters of mosquitoes!  Who wouldn’t love them for that?

I also want to add today that we need to water our plants.  I have many newly planted gardens (within the last 2 years) as well as a couple new trees and shrubs.  They are most vulnerable the first few years.  In southern Minnesota we’ve had a VERY DRY July and August.  It’s important that plants get, on average, an inch of water a week.  Water your perennials and trees/shrubs thoroughly.  That means a good long drink.  Just getting the surface is not the best, their roots will then stay close to the surface.  You want them to keep reaching further into the soil so water them deeply.

Crabapple -Royal Raindrops 8-14

Crabapple -Royal Raindrops 8-14


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