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Creepy creatures

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What creepy creature lurks in the garden? Nightcrawlers!


Halloween will bring out the little ghosts and goblins at your door but it’s the invasive nightcrawler you may be frightened of!

Nightcrawlers - YUK

eek! I’m not a worm lover. These nightcrawlers are an invasive species. Yes, I was surprised too. When dumped on forest floors, they will crawl and eat through the decaying leaves and mess up the natural ecosystem. Think of these Earthworms as the milfoil of the forest floor. Don’t dump them in the woods, dispose of them in the trash.

Here’s an article from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, “Contain those Crawlers”.

Don’t get me wrong, worms are good for a lot of things like loosening compacted garden soil but, the nightcrawlers in particular, actually create more compaction in the forests thus creating surface runoff and erosion.

These are my kind of worms!

Gummi worms

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