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Halloween traditions

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Pumpkins were not the original Jack o Lanterns!  It was the turnip…

Scary, huh?!?  (The Vikings pumpkin not the lantern!!) This is what night watchmen carried on their rounds.  Pumpkins were used only in the United States.  Ancient Celts celebrated the New Year on November 1st.  It was called Samhein (pronounced Sow in).  This was the end of the Harvest and summer and entering into the dark days of Winter.

They believed the veil between the living and the dead was thinnest at this time of year and spirits could return to Earth.

European immigrants brought lots of tradition to America but we started Trick or Treating here.  Kids were getting out of hand with their pranks, so it was almost like a bribe!

perfect carving pumpkin

perfect carving pumpkin

Vikings Pumpkins

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