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Amaryllis by mornin’…

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Amaryllis is where I’ll stay… sorry for my singing!  ;-)

Amaryllis 'Flamenco Queen' -

‘Flamenco Queen’

What are the holidays without Amaryllis?  Not quite as pretty!  And what a spectacular hostess gift!!

Amaryllis Bulb -

  • Choose large, firm bulbs – grapefruit size will give you the most blooms for your buck
  • Before bloom, keep your Amaryllis in a sunny window away from cold drafts.
  • when the flower buds start to show color, move your plant OUT of direct sunlight to a bright, indirect sunlit area
  • water well, letting the water drain out the bottom, then let it dry out before watering again.
  • cooler temps in lower light levels will prolong the blooms
  • Once the bloom is gone, you can treat it like a sun-loving houseplant.
  • cut the blooms off so they don’t form seeds
  • leave the foliage till it’s yellowed
  • when it warms up in Spring, you can plant your amaryllis, pot and all, in a sunny spot
  • bring back into the house before the first frost
  • store in a dark closet with no water for 8 to 12 weeks, letting the bulbs rest
  • When new growth starts, repeat above process!

‘Ice Queen’

Amaryllis 'Splash' -


Amaryllis 'Faro' -


These beautiful Amaryllis’ pictures are all courtesy of Colorblends.  Most of them are also available for sale!  I have not yet ordered from Colorblends but my research shows they are in good standing.

Below is their guarantee:

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