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More 2015 AAS winners

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Oh boy more 2015 AAS winners!

A vegetable that I’ve never really considered is one of the winners that intrigues me.  It’s a Brussels Sprout!  Named ‘Hestia F1’, this beautiful Brussels Sprout touts sweet flavor in cool weather or warm.  That in itself is unusual.  Brussels sprouts generally prefer cooler weather.  The plant grows 30 inches tall with a 24 inch spread.  Expect about 100 sprouts per plant!  Grow in full sun.

Brussels sprout Hestia F1

Brussels sprout Hestia F1

I’m a salad eater and love going out to the garden to pick some greens.  This year I may try ‘Sandy’ – an oakleaf lettuce with frilly leaves.  It has excellent disease resistance and sweet leaves that won’t turn bitter in heat.  Something very typical of most leaf lettuces.  The other fine quality of ‘Sandy’ lettuce is that it is slow to bolt, meaning it takes a while before it starts to flower.  When lettuces start to flower, their leaves are not as tasty.

Oakleaf lettuce - Sandy

Oakleaf lettuce – Sandy

A couple of new peppers interest me too.  The first is a hot wax pepper called ‘Hot Sunset’.  It’s a prolific early producer that grows to 2 and a half feet tall and 2 feet wide, it’s fruits ripen to red.  It’s resistant to tomato spotted wilt disease.

Pepper 'Hot Sunset'

Pepper ‘Hot Sunset’

The other pepper is something they’re calling an ornamedible!  It can be planted as both an ornamental because it’s so pretty and an edible because of it’s sweet tasty fruit.  It’s called ‘Pretty and Sweet’.  Fruit color is orange, red and yellow all on the same plant which grows into a 20 inch tall sturdy bush. This All America Selection would work well in the vegetable garden, the flower bed, mixed with annuals and perennials, and in a container. And get this, it’ll produce about 100 fruits on 1 bush!

Pepper 'Pretty and Sweet'

Pepper ‘Pretty and Sweet’

Pepper 'Pretty and Sweet'

Pepper ‘Pretty and Sweet’

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