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New plants from Burpee

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Some like it hot, but not incendiary!  That’s part of the description of a new ancho-poblano hybrid pepper from Burpee.  It’s name is ‘Big Boss Man’ and there’s a reason for that.  This mildly hot pepper is a fairly giant  7 inches long and 3 inches wide!  It’s days to maturity is 75, perfect for those of us in the north.  And, bonus, it’s resistant to tobacco mosaic virus!

Pepper 'Big Boss Man'

Pepper ‘Big Boss Man’

In cooler climates, I’m thinking Hibbing, MN right now… there’s a new tomato plant to consider.  It’s called ‘Cloudy Day’ and this is the description from Burpee:  Cool weather? Late Season? ‘Cloudy Day’ offers up bountiful cocktail tomatoes brimming with sunshine. Variety thrives in cooler temperatures; plants laugh off early and late blight. Salad tomato par excellence, ‘Cloudy Day’s juicy, flavorful, glossy 4-5 oz. pure-red cocktail fruits infuse salads, soups, and sauces with gourmet pizzazz. I love the way marketers come up with these descriptions.  While I’ve not tried this tomato, as I said, it might be just ripe for Zone 3.  It’s days to maturity are 70.

Tomato 'Cloudy Day'

Tomato ‘Cloudy Day’

Calibrachoa is a fantastic plant for containers.  There’s a delightful new cultivar called ‘Candy Bouquet’.  It’s flowers are a starlike mix of bright magenta and golden-yellow that vary from bloom to bloom.  Plant in full to part sun.  ‘Candy Bouquet’ grows to 14 inches and blooms for a whopping 12 weeks, give or take.


Calibrachoa 'Candy Bouquet'

Calibrachoa ‘Candy Bouquet’



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