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Catalog overkill or Nirvana

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catalogs 2015

My head is spinning with possibilities!  😉  Here’s a tantalizing treat…

2015 is off to an interesting start at Territorial Seed Company of Oregon.  They’re offering the first plant in the U.S. that combines tomatoes and potatoes, a TomTato called ‘Ketchup and Fries’.  This grafted plant was introduced in the U.K. last year with great success, so they say.  My research says it’s taken them 10 years to perfect this plant that produces 500 red cherry tomatoes and later in the season, 4 ½ pounds of delicious white potatoes.  It’s one plant with no genetic modifications but an all natural grafting process.

TomTato 'Ketchup and Fries'

TomTato ‘Ketchup and Fries’

TomTato - ketchup and fries 2

This plant is perfect in a large container or in the open garden.  Territorial Seed offers lots of vegetable plants for containers.

If you plan on starting tomato seeds indoor, then check out Totally Tomatoes.  They offer an astonishing array of tomatoes from heirloom to hybrids, from giants to cherries and everything in between.  They also have a selection of peppers that also makes my mouth water.  NOTE:  I have not personally ordered from Totally Tomatoes but my research shows mostly positive reviews.

And finally Burpee’s “go-to” summer squash looks simply delicious on the cover!  ‘Cupcake’!  Plant in full sun, days to maturity are 52

Squash 'Cupcake'

Squash ‘Cupcake’

Squash - Cupcake

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