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Types of pruning tools

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The right tool for the job is paramount to a good pruning experience!  Hand pruners are great for working on shrubs, perennials or small trees with branches of 1/4 inch or less.

We talked about these yesterday.  They’re my favorite tool!  Two types of pruning shears:

Both pruners work well when properly sharpenend.  The Anvil style may work just a bit better on harder woodies.

Loppers are great for anything 1/2 inch up to 1 1/2 inches depending on the quality of loppers.  The long handles make it a lot easier to get into some tight spaces inside shrubs or trees and also give you a nice reach.

I use a folding handsaw for pruning out low hanging branches that get in my way!  I generally use them to cut limbs an inch or two in diameter but some saws can cut through 4 inches.

And then there are pole saws (too unwieldy for me) and chainsaws (they frighten me)!  If you use these tools I suggest you have protective gear on and know what you’re doing OR call someone that does!  That’s what I do!

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