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Tomato/Pepper planting

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It’s time to put those tomatoes in the ground!  Tom McKusick was my guest on Dig In Minnesota.  He’s the publisher of Northern Gardener magazine and an heirloom tomato aficionado.  He shows us his best practices for planting tomatoes!  He IS the Tomato Man!

The ground temp should be about 60 degrees for tomatoes and about 70 degrees for peppers.  They like it hot!

Tomato 'Fresh Salsa'

Tomato ‘Fresh Salsa’

Once again I’m planting ‘Fresh Salsa’ tomato.  It’s flesh is firm yet flavorful. It’s a prolific producer, makes great fresh salsa.  It’s also great for sandwiches because it doesn’t get the bread soggy.  It’s also great for roasting!

Tomato - Brandywine Pink

Tomato – Brandywine Pink

Another choice this year is my favorite heirloom, ‘Brandywine’.  It’s large, sweet, juicy and a great producer.   I’m also planting ‘Mighty Sweet’ cherry tomato and ‘Sungold’.

Tomato 'Sun Gold'

Tomato ‘Sun Gold’

I’ve also planted ‘Mighty Sweet’ cherry tomatoes!  I planted them deep, added Two Mikes fish fertilizer rather than fish heads!  Tom has a ready supply from a fishing friend!

For the peppers, I also added Two Mikes.  I planted ‘Flavorburst’ – a wonderfully prolific sweet pepper and ‘Big Boss Man’ – an ancho poblano hybrid that I’ve not tried before but sounds wonderful.  I’ll also be planting a jalapeno, just haven’t gotten to it yet!

Pepper - Flavorburst

Pepper – Flavorburst

Pepper - Flavorburst 2

Pepper 'Big Boss Man'

Pepper ‘Big Boss Man’

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