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Audible garden

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The sound of birds just brings joy!

One of these little beauties, the Eastern Bluebird, landed on a wire in my yard and just sang!  If you’re interested in creating a space for songbirds then read on…

Water is essential to attracting birds.  Incorporate a drip or use a fountain if possible.  The picture below is a birdbath I made of cement with the shape of a rhubarb leaf.

Cement cabbage leaf and gnome

Food comes next.  Native plants attract native insects which native birds eat.  Seed eaters tend to go for native grasses and flower heads.

Prairie Dropseed

Next is shelter.  Most birds prefer nesting in trees and shrubs although a few finches and sparrows are ground dwellers.

nesting box for wrens

Organic Gardening magazine had a great article “Turn up the Volume”  where I grabbed some of this information.  Here’s another link to a website I just discovered Native plants and Wildlife Gardens with Patricia Sutton.

courtesy of Sharon Sorenson

courtesy of Sharon Sorenson

This site has a wealth of information on what plants and what great birds there are for Minnesota.  Birdzilla


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