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Tomatoes and Peppers

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I just had my first ‘Big Boss Man’ ancho poblano pepper last week!  I loved it!  It has great texture, beautiful color and the heat is easy to take.  (some think it’s hotter than I do) Meaning you can taste it but it doesn’t overwhelm the dish.

Pepper 'Big Boss Man'

Pepper ‘Big Boss Man’

Recently we’ve experienced the real heat of summer and the tomatoes and peppers are really going crazy.  It’s a good idea to keep a close watch on these two warm season vegetables.

For tomatoes, check their growth every day as some of the fruit can get mighty heavy and you don’t want a stem to break that might be lying across the metal cage.  If you have fruit on the ground, place straw or untreated grass clippings underneath to prevent rot.  This also helps keep the moisture in as we already talked about this week with organic mulch.

Tomato 'Brandywine'

Tomato ‘Brandywine’

Tomato - Brandywine heirloom

I’ve also planted ‘Fresh Salsa’, a roma style tomato that I’ll use for roasting.  The flavor is still wonderful fresh but the meatier structure and more uniform size is great for roasting.  I’m also trying the famous cherry tomato ‘Sun Gold’.   Just a week after writing this GB, I’m seeing more fruits than when I recorded it!  I also have ‘Mighty Sweet’ cherry tomatoes (they’re loaded with fruit).

Tomato 'Fresh Salsa'

Tomato ‘Fresh Salsa’

I’m also growing ‘Flavorburst’ peppers (a tasty and prolific sweet bell pepper) and jalapenos!

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