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Blue Jays

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Isn’t it funny how we go to “exotic” places to view birds, when right here we have some beautiful birds!  Wood ducks, pheasants, cardinals, bluebirds and, of course, the bright, brash and beautiful Blue Jay.

Now that’s a stunning specimen!  No one knows fully about the Blue Jays migration.  Some leave for the winter, while others, thankfully, hang around.  Oh, they can eat a lot and may be mouthy, but they also warn smaller birds of dangers.  Blue Jays mate for life and are also responsible for seeding many of North America’s nut trees!

blue jays

Attract Blue Jays to your landscape by building a nesting shelf in a tree about 12 feet up (make sure you can view them from a window).

blue jay in flight

For more information and some wonderful pictures click on the link to Cornell University about Blue Jays.

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