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AAS – what is it?

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All America Selections was started in 1932 by a man named Ray Hastings.  He encouraged all seed companies to set up trial grounds, cooperatively test new varieties and agree to develop marketing efforts for new vegetables and flowers. He recommended a national network of trial grounds throughout North American climates where flower and vegetable varieties would be grown and assessed by skilled impartial judges.  Today, home gardeners can feel confident when selecting these varieties knowing that they’ve been thoroughly tested.

Here’s a 2015 winner:

A vegetable that I’ve never really considered is one of the winners that intrigues me.  It’s a Brussels Sprout!  Named ‘Hestia F1’, this beautiful Brussels Sprout touts sweet flavor in cool weather or warm.  That in itself is unusual.  Brussels sprouts generally prefer cooler weather.  The plant grows 30 inches tall with a 24 inch spread.  Expect about 100 sprouts per plant!  Grow in full sun.

Brussels sprout Hestia F1

I did try a Brussels sprout this year – Octia.  I was pleasantly surprised to like it!  😉

A 2011 winner:

Salvia 'Summer Jewel Red'

Salvia ‘Summer Jewel Red’

AAS does not advertise and relies solely on a public relations program through garden clubs, university extensions, newspapers, magazines and RADIO!  All America Selections is the oldest, most established international testing organization in North America.

Tomorrow I’ll share some 2016 winners!!


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