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2016 AAS winners

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Yesterday I shared with you what the AAS designation on some plants mean.  As an All America Selection  it also means that none of these AAS Winners are bred or produced using genetic engineering also known as GMO’s. ‘Sweet Baby Radish’, yes, that’s the name of one of the 2016 AAS winners! Judges commented on the uniform size and excellent taste, which was crispy, crunchy and slightly spicy.  The internal color ranges from pale purple to white with violet streaks. “Sweet Baby’ is a fast grower, maturing in about 45 days.

Sweet Baby Radish - AAS 2016 winner

Sweet Baby Radish – AAS 2016 winner

Do you remember playing Candyland?  Now you can eat it!  In the form of a currant tomato.  They’re even smaller than cherry tomatoes.  Pop ‘Candyland’ into your mouth straight from the garden.  The fruit is dark red and sweet and tends to grow on the outside of the plant making them easy to pick and pop!

Tomato 'Candyland' 2016 AAS winner

Tomato ‘Candyland’ AAS 2016 winner

Geraniums don’t always get the love they deserve, this 2016 AAS winner will certainly change minds.  Geranium ‘Brocade Fire’, has unique bi-color foliage with a nonstop display of semi-double orange flowers that gives it an exceptional look.  The robust plant keeps its distinguished foliage color and brilliant blooms throughout hot summers then becomes a fantastic transitional flower going into fall.  The orange flowers contrast with the striking foliage.

Geranium - Brocade Fire AAS 2016 winner

Geranium – Brocade Fire AAS 2016 winner

Another lovely annual is a salvia.  It’s the 4th in the Summer Jewel series. ‘Lavender’ is a unique purple and a delight in the garden and flower containers as well as a major attractor of pollinators including bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. An extra bonus is how much Goldfinches love the flower seeds in the fall.  This salvia blooms early and continuously.

Salvia - Summer Jewel Lavender AAS 2016 winner

Salvia – Summer Jewel Lavender AAS 2016 winner

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