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Garden Design principles part 1

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Garden Design can give the novice a nervous tick!  No worries, I have the 10 garden design principles from Andrew Sankey, a cottage gardener, historian and humorist  from England, with an eye for simplicity.  If you ever get a chance to listen to him speak – GO!

Andrew Sankey, English gardener, historian and humorist

Garden Design Principle:

  1.  Don’t fight nature.  Work with the soil you have.  Yes, add peat moss and compost to fluff your soil but don’t expect it to change the entire structure.
  2. Retain the main features.  If you have an old trellis or shed from a previous owner, try repainting or staining it.
  3.  Keep it simple.  A few good sweeps of color will catch the eye.  Choose different types of flowers in the same color hue.
  4. Keep things in scale.  If you have a large area, plant a tree that’s large at maturity.  Likewise, small areas should have small trees or shrubs.  Always keep in mind the MATURE size of your plants.

Tune in tomorrow for more Garden Design Principles from Andrew Sankey.

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