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Christmas tree care

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Oh the wonderful scent of a real tree!  Before you go out to cut your tree, make sure you measure the area where you plan to place it.  You may think you’re good at eyeballing it, but really, who wants to have to cut the tree to fit the space once it’s in your home!?!

Okay, you can probably go bigger than this Charlie Brown tree!

Frasier fir... and the cat!

Frasier fir… and the cat!  A little crooked!


  • keep your tree away from heat sources like registers, tv sets, computers, fireplaces and space heaters.  This will speed up evaporation, cause moisture loss, needle drop and a major fire hazard!
  • before bringing your tree indoors, cut a half inch slice off the bottom of the trunk to reopen the tree to take up water.  They tend to seal back up when exposed to air.
  • have an appropriate size water stand ready and waiting with warm tap water.  No need to add anything to it.
  • keep an eye on the water level and never let it get below the cut of the tree or it will seal up again and you’ll lose the tree much quicker.
  • Check your local nurseries or tree farms for fresh Christmas trees

Christmas trees grouped


Done!  full disclosure – this was last year.  I have a service coming to clean out the duct work and we’re getting new furniture due to aforementioned cat!  So….



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