Battling buckthorn

Wed. Oct. 15, 2014

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The bane of the backyard gardener! And everyone else that tends our parks! This beast just won’t die! Buckthorn came to the U.S. via some well meaning people in the 1800?s to create hedges. They were wonderful in Europe. Not so much here. They are invasive!!

Buckthorn has not been sold in the United States since the 1930?s and yet we are STILL trying to get rid of it.  There are discrepancies about whether some places still sold Buckthorn into the 1970?s.  Communities have Buckthorn Beatdown days to try to eradicate it. Buckthorn takes over our native plants and shrubs and is NOT good for birds. It’s not poisonous, it just doesn’t give them any nutrition as they don’t absorb it. They poop it out almost as fast as they eat it. That means they carry the seeds off somewhere and let nature do it’s thing by reseeding it elsewhere.

Buckthorn bark

The Minnesota DNR has some great information about Buckthorn from identifying the beast in your backyard to how to control it.  Here’s another article from the University of Minnesota Extension on Buckthorn Control.

Buckthorn berries
Buckthorn berries

2 thoughts on “Battling buckthorn”

  1. Buckthorns just don’t die! The thing that I have found that works best is to hire a professional. They cant get rid of it completely, but they can control it.

  2. Hi Brittney! Thanks for stopping by. If you have a large area with Buckthorn, and what isn’t once they get going, a professional is a good idea.

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