Benefits of indoor plants

Wed. Feb. 5, 2014

I’m sick of winter.  There, I said it.  Now I’m done!  Let’s talk indoor plants.



Philodendron and snake plant
Philodendron and snake plant


There are numerous benefits, of course, first up is having something green and growing ito look at.  But more than that, big leafed houseplants are the best, natural way to clear the air in our closed up homes and offices during the winter.

Dracaena and philodendron

Plants reduce unhealthy pollutants, airborne bacteria and fungi; along with adding humidity to the air. Plants leaves are able to absorb the polluted air, send it down to it’s roots where it becomes food for microbes.  Cool, huh!?!

Top Ten air cleaning plants:

  • Areca Palm – this one needs some light
  • Reed Palm – this one handles lower light
  • Dwarf date Palm – this one handles low light and some neglect
  • Boston Fern – great plant for the bathroom as it likes more humidity
  • Pothos – you’ll recognize this guy when you see him!  The variegated variety needs more light
  • English Ivy – very adaptable to bright or indirect light
  • Australian Sword fern – beautiful but a little more challenging to grow
  • Peace Lily – one of the most popular indoor plants.  You’ll know when this one needs water!
  • Weeping Fig – very popular but needs warmer temps and brighter light.  Keep out of drafts
  • Rubber plants aka Ficus elastica – easy care and grows to fit any environment [seen below]

A ficus fitting it’s space!  Check out the top 24 easiest houseplants according to Better Homes and Gardens!



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