Bulb planting is at hand

Wed. Aug. 27, 2014

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The heat was oppressive over the weekend as I thought about getting in the garden!  I was out for a while but found out quickly I would be needing a second shower of the day!  Soon, though, cooler temps will be here.  In fact they’re on their way this week.

The selections available for tulips is almost dizzying!  There are double tulips, darwin tulips, fragrant, impression, parrot and late bloomers… oh my.   One variety I discovered from White Flower Farm knocks my sandals off!  They suggest planting it with white Candytuft.

Tulip ‘FontaineBleau’

Choose a sunny spot, perhaps under a tree that leafs out a little later, to add pop to the Spring garden.  Placing tulips, and some other bulbs, with later blooming perennials will help hide their dying foliage.

Muscari, aka Grape Hyacinth,  is perfect for a pop of Spring color at just about 6 inches tall.  There are several varieties.  I always suggest checking out your local nurseries first, but I also like to provide links so that you can see what else is out there.  I found this Muscari at The Plant Expert.

Daffodils naturalize beautifully.  There are plenty of shades of yellow, peach and white.  Hyacinth don’t come in just purple.  There are reds and yellows.  Don’t forget the allium!  ‘Gladiator’ is tall at 3? to 4?.

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