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Mon. Apr. 20, 2015

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Who loves honey?  I do!  I also love bees because they bring us honey and SO much more!  A friend of mine sent me a link to something that seems revolutionary, almost too good to be true.  It’s called the Flow Hive. [Please note that I’m not advocating sending them money, just sharing information!]

Flow Hive
Flow Hive

It’s honey on tap.  Seriously.  Turn a tap and watch as pure, fresh, clean honey flows right out of the hive and into your jar.  No mess, no fuss, no expensive processing equipment and the bees are hardly even disturbed.

Flow Hive 2

A father and son from Australia have worked on this for a decade…

Flow Hive 3 father and sonThe Flow’s newfangled contribution to the ancient practice is a plastic frame that serves as a template for the bees to build the cells of their honeycombs. When the combs are full, which the beekeeper can confirm by looking through little windows, the beekeeper turns a lever to crack the honeycombs lengthwise down the middle. The golden nectar flows into a channel and then out of the hive through tubes.

And now for the debate:

There’s a debate between beekeepers as to the good and bad of the Flow Hive.  Some are afraid it will make beekeeping too easy and thus only emphasize the production of honey rather than the salvation of the bees.  Others question the use of plastic for a hive, taking away the bees job of building a comb.  Honestly, I’m not sure…

Going Against the Flow – is the Flow Hive a good idea?

Simple Bees – this link takes you to several others

Here’s a video I did a couple of years ago with Professional Beekeeper, Victoria Ranua on my show Dig In Minnesota:


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