Celestial gardening

Fri. Dec. 18, 2015

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Celestial gardening sounds a bit mystical.  It is.  It’s also working, according to some experts. Biodynamics, it’s more scientific name, uses the movements of the moon and stars to guide planting and cultivation.

Think that’s a stretch?  Consider how the moon creates ocean tides.  Suddenly it’s not so “out there”.  Well, celestially speaking it is!  ;-)

Biodynamic gardeners plant by the lunar calendar, they also use raised beds believing that this enlivens the soil.  Herbs such as chamomile, yarrow and valerian, are added in small quantities at specific places in a compost pile to improve the conversion of garden and kitchen scraps into rich, moist humus.

Stella Natura produces a planting calendar each year as a guideline.  It is not in their philosophy to call these rules! Stella Natura – sells a calendar that tracks the passage of the moon through the 12 constellations of the zodiac, indicating optimal times to work with a plant’s roots, leaves, flowers, or fruit (a category that includes many vegetables, nuts, and seeds). A “root day” in spring, for example, is the perfect time to plant carrots or beets. But it’s not a rigid system—if rain or a busy schedule get in the way, they say just do the best you can.

Stella Natura 2016

The Farmer’s Almanac has also guided gardeners on planting times for years!

Farmers almanac 2016


Threefold Farm in upstate New York was the first biodynamic garden in the U.S.  The Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association has a lot more information on how to restore the health of our soil and the vitality of the food we grow.

biodynamic gardening

Mother Earth News also has an in-depth article on biodynamic gardening.

While I love that we’re  thinking more carefully about how we treat our Earth, I’m not a fanatic.  I’m a middle of the road type of person and like to hear different ideas on the subject.  Thanks for checking it out with me.


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