Companion planting

Tue. Jan. 30, 2018

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So this isn’t real scientific, however, I know plenty of University of MN horticulturists who DO use some of these “rules” for the vegetable garden.

There’s a book I recommend called “Carrots Love Tomatoes” by Louise Riotte.  She also wrote a great article for Mother Earth News – “Companion Planting for the Healthy Garden” in 1992.  It’s chock full of info!

Beth Jarvis with the U of MN was one of my instructors for the Master Gardener Program back in 2002.  She compiled a list of companion plants as well.  Click on the PDF:  It’s quite extensive.   CompanionPlantingGuideCompiledbyBethJarvis

marigolds with carrots

There are many reasons for companion planting.  Some to keep pests away, some to complement each other’s soil needs, some to deter rabbits.  There’s another site I want you to check out too, Companion Planting, Secrets of Organic Gardening.

Companion Plantings from Dengarden