Sedum aka ‘Uncle Charlie plant’

Thu. Sep. 1, 2016

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My sister and I called Sedum, “Uncle Charlie plant” for years.  Years ago, and I’m talking DECADES ago, he gave my mom a few slices of his ‘Autumn Joy’ sedum, who gave my sister some, who gave me some and to this day, some of them still survive in other peoples landscapes.  Remnants of “Uncle Charlie Plant” are scattered from northern Illinois to northern Minnesota!

Sedum - Autumn Joy

Sedum – Autumn Joy

The point is, if you want a plant that flowers an unobtrusive shade of pink from the end of summer into Fall, has pleasant succulent leaves and gives you some winter interest, then think ‘Autumn Joy’.  I spray paint the dead flowers and use them in my outdoor Christmas planters.

winter container 2013 a

When I moved into my home 3 years ago, there was one large plant at my back door.  There are now 5 other plants in my landscape from that one and I’ve given slices away.  There are lots of varieties within the sedum family but none quite so prolific!

I do have some of the groundcover types…

Sedum 'Red Dragon' in a tub

Sedum ‘Red Dragon’ in a tub

sedum kamtschaticum

sedum kamtschaticum

A recent improvement on ‘Autumn Joy’ I found in my Northern Gardener magazine.  It’s called ‘Mr. Goodbud’.  Rich pink flowers are borne on purplish stems. The blooms average about 5 to 6 inches in diameter.  The foliage is a deep blue green and serrated.  The thick stems resist flopping.  ‘Mr. Goodbud’s mature height is about 16 inches.

Sedum - Mr. Goodbud

Sedum – Mr. Goodbud

Walters Gardens, alongside Proven Winners, created the Sedum Rock ‘n Grow series.  Their 2014 introduction is ‘Lemonjade’.  The blooms on citron yellow rather than the classic pink.  As the 5 to 7 inch blooms mature they take on a peachy hue.   (these look more like green flowers to me!)

Sedum - Lemonjade

Sedum – Lemonjade


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