Sedums as groundcover

Tue. Apr. 21, 2015

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Driving past historic homes in a neighborhood near my own, I was so enchanted by the yards filled with Siberian Squill.  There’s one in particular that’s outstanding!

Despite it’s name, it’s actually native to southwestern Russia.  It’s also not native to Minnesota… or anywhere in the U.S.  Oh well, I love it anyway!  Some call it invasive, I call it enchanting [as noted above!]

siberian squill in wooded area - picasa

The beauty of it calls out for us to enjoy Spring time.  Then I went home and looked over my own lawn of dandelions, plantain and Creeping Charlie, which will be blooming soon.  So where am I going with this?

my own contribution to the anarchy of Siberian squill!
my own contribution to the anarchy of Siberian squill!

Groundcovers can do wonders for a lawn, while there are many, many are not practicle for lawns where kids play or dogs romp.  However, in certain areas, sedums make a great groundcover.  They’re easy to grow and some spread easily.

There are more than 400 species of Sedums, that means a whole lot more than ‘Autumn Joy’ which I have and am, frankly, tired of!  Not that it isn’t beautiful.  Anybody want some ‘Autumn Joy’?

Sedum - Autumn Joy
Sedum – Autumn Joy

I also have SEE-dum kam-SHAT-tih-kum, a wonderful low grower that I’ve placed in a raised bed with grasses.  It has tiny yellow flowers from early to late summer.  The foliage is scalloped and fleshly and lovely all season.  Bonus, it’s filled in enough in 2 years that I can transplant to other areas.  Like the front lawn!  These sedums grow to about 4 to 5 inches tall and about 10 inches wide but they continue to spread.

sedum kamtschaticum
sedum kamtschaticum
Sedum 'Red Dragon' in a tub
Sedum ‘Red Dragon’ in a tub
Sedum 'Fulda Glow'
Sedum ‘Fulda Glow’

Sedum aka stonecrop is also lovely in a stone garden!

Sedum 'Dazzleberry'
Sedum ‘Dazzleberry’


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