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Mon. Jan. 18, 2016

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You know the lists, they come out every January.  What’s trending in fashion, what are THE colors to wear this year, what car is the most sought after.  Oh and there’s the Oscars too…

When these lists come out I wonder WHO decided these things?  Who chose pink and blue as THE colors for 2016?  2016 colors

The gardening world, of course, is not to be outdone, we also have our lists.


While I will share some with you, my firm belief is to create a space YOU want to be in regardless of what the “trends” say.  After all, take a look at what they call high fashion and tell me who in the world would actually wear that stuff?

She's going to catch a cold in that doily
She’s going to catch a cold in that doily

Okay!  I’m getting to the garden trends!  Just having some fun….

According to a couple of sisters in Toronto, people are becoming more interested in treating a plant pot as a small-scale landscape. Instead of just having a single houseplant in a pot, they’re applying “thriller, spiller, filler” container gardening techniques and other design principles to indoor gardens including growing vegetables indoors.

indoor garden

That may be true of some but it depends on your home.  What light you have, the amount of room in your home and what dollar figure you’re willing to spend to do it.  I happen to love being outdoors, it’s the first reason I even started gardening many years ago, although fresh herbs and lettuce sound pretty darn good in the winter.  How to grow vegetables indoors.

Another trend, rainwater!  I didn’t realize it could BE a trend but “harvesting” rainwater is the “in thing” to do and incorporate it’s use in your gardens.  I am happy to hear that folks are more interested in using that resource.  I guess it sounds better to say you’re “harvesting” rain rather than catching it!

rain barrel painted



Texas A&M – Harvesting rainwater

Build a Rainwater Harvest System – Mother Earth News

Serious stuff on rainwater harvesting – National Conference of State legislatures

Catching or harvesting – rainwater use is (I think) going to become the norm.   Natives and drought tolerant plants, container plantings, and edible gardens are at last no longer a trend, but are here to stay.

More trends from Garden Design magazine

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