2017 AAS winners

Wed. Dec. 28, 2016

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Yesterday I explained what the AAS designation is on some plants.  Today I want to share some of the 2017 winners.  This vegetable is one of my favorite herbs!  What??  No, it doesn’t make sense so let me explain!  This is also the first time this vegetable has ever been declared an AAS winner.  Are you ready?  It’s Fennel!

Fennel 'Antares' 2017 AAS
Fennel ‘Antares’ 2017 AAS

What is extremely fun about this winning plant is its many uses: as an edible bulb; for its ornamental fronds; as a seed producer (which I use like an herb); and as a favorite food of pollinators, namely swallowtail caterpillars. The AAS Judges described ‘Antares’, this particular cultivar, as a very uniform, pure white, beautiful plant with a much improved, almost sweet, licorice/anise flavor as compared to other market varieties. It was also 7-10 days slower to bolt than comparison varieties. Many AAS Judges said they plan to plant this easy-to-grow fennel in their own gardens next year!  Now THAT’S high praise! Serious Eats Fennel recipes

And now for a tomato for the Chef in the family.  The fourth addition to the popular Chef’s Choice tomato series is ‘Chef’s Choice Yellow’ which produces hearty beefsteak type tomatoes in a beautiful yellow color. Tomato lovers and culinary gardeners will fall for this large meaty delicacy that has a sweet, citrus-like flavor with just the right amount of acid and the perfect tomato texture.

'Chef's Choice Yellow' 2017 AAS
‘Chef’s Choice Yellow’ 2017 AAS

AAS Judges raved about the quantity of the 10-ounce fruits that each 5-foot indeterminate vines produced. You’ll enjoy harvesting 30 or more fruits throughout the season. This tomato delight is also disease resistant from (Fusarium Wilt, Verticillium wilt, Tomato Mosiac Virus, Crack, and Scab.  WOW!  You’ll be the envy of all your tomato-growing friends!

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