2017 garden triumphs and disappointments

Tue. Aug. 15, 2017

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This year has had it’s share of triumphs and disappointments in the garden.  Harvest has brought roadside sweet corn, which is fantastic, thank you to the Grism’s in Northfield!

I’ve been munching ‘sungold’ and ‘sweet million’ cherry tomatoes, which, are like candy without the guilt.

sungold and sweet million

My little neighbor, 5 year old Maggie, declares ‘Sungold’ the best tomato she’s ever eaten and she doesn’t like tomatoes!

I just dehydrated a bunch of cherry tomatoes.  The process intensifies the flavor and then I freeze them for winter use!  This year, for the first time, I’m growing ‘Hungarian Heart’ tomato.  It’s a large heirloom that’s perfect for roasting.

Hungarian Heart 8-12-17

A huge disappointment has been the constant battle I lost to the rabbits for my beets, peas and lettuce.  This is the first year they completely defied my Plantskydd.  Next year I’ll try another organic method.   Likely a fence.

A triumph has been my new native butterfly garden!  OH, it’s glorious!  Except for some rotten rabbits munching on the edges of some of the plants.

Butterfly garden 8-13-17

Another disappointment has been the HUGE influx of Japanese beetles.  Due to our warmer winters, those nasty plant munchers are rising in power.

On roses

A local garden club woman has 70 rose bushes.  She said they’ve been covered and she just can’t keep up.  And, it sounds like they’ll be back with a vengeance next year too.

On the other hand, I’ve not had anyone complaining about powdery mildew on their monarda or phlox or any other plants.   That JUST changed a couple of days ago.  Now seeing powdery mildew on the monarda….. SIGH