2018 AAS flower winners

Thu. Jan. 4, 2018

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We’ve perused a few new vegetables and shrubs but what about 2018 AAS flower winners???

A fantastic new heather this year was vegetatively grown.  It’s a Cuphea called ‘Floriglory Diana’.  Known as Mexican Heather, it’s ideal for borders, mass plantings and containers. FloriGlory Diana was highly praised by the AAS Judges for its larger flowers, impressive number of flowers and the darker, more intensely colored magenta flowers. The dark green foliage complements the flowers.

Cuphea ‘Floriglory Diana’

It’s compact at 10-12 inches, flowers from late Spring to frost and is heat and weather tolerant.  WOW!

I teased you last week with a look at a new zinnia.  Today, I’ll share more about ‘Queeny Lime Orange’.  This is one outstanding zinnia.  The 2 to 4 inch large dahlia-like flowers evolve from dark coral/peach/orange to a light peach with a dark center as the flowers age. There’s also hints of lime green and yellow along the way. AAS reports ‘Queeny’ was a fan favorite in the trial gardens.

Zinnia ‘Queeny Lime Orange’ 2018 AAS winner

The zinnia is also perfect for cut flower gardens as each uniform plant produces prolific deeply fluted blooms that last about 3 weeks without preservatives or feed.  The plant grows to 2 feet tall and blooms profusely from summer to frost.  ‘Queeny Lime Orange’ is also pollinator friendly!  Bonus.

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