2020 Vegetable introductions

Thu. Jan. 23, 2020

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I talked this week about vegetable garden cost comparisons and the fact that, just being outdoors is a huge return on investment, and also gave some information on the terms used in plant catalogs that are quite helpful.

Today I want to talk about more 2020 vegetables to let your mouth water over! One of them is a sprouting burgundy broccoli! Called ‘Burgundy Hybrid’, it’s florets are purple on top of pale green stems.

Broccoli ‘Burgundy hybrid’ by burpee

Burpee says it’s a high yield plant with days to harvest between 37 and 45. A perfect cool season cruciferous!

There’s a new seedless pepper offered by Burpee. Called ‘PeppiGrande Red Hybrid’, this pepper is the largest and sweetest of the seedless varieties.

Pepper ‘PeppiGrande Red hybrid’ – no seeds

One planting note, to achieve 100% seedless, you can’t plant ‘PeppiGrande’ with other peppers.

Pepper ‘PeppiGrande’ by Burpee

 I’ve been seeing this photo of what looks like a white apple, it’s a Burpee ad for a new turnip called ‘Silky Sweet’, described as a radiant beauty, with silky skin and delectable sweet flavor.

Turnip ‘Silky Sweet’
Turnip ‘Silky Sweet’ plants

Hmmm, well, okay. You can try it!

If you don’t have a lot of space but would like to have some winter squash, Jung Seeds is offering a new acorn squash called ‘Celebration Hybrid’.

Squash ‘Celebration’ by Jung Seeds

The plant is compact AND resistant to powdery mildew. Light yellow, striped, 4 inch fruits average about a pound and a half. It’s really cute! The days to harvest is about 82, not bad!

I like trying new things in the garden but I only have so much space. If you have room, give these new options a go!

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