A glimpse of 2019 AAS winners

Thu. Dec. 27, 2018

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As we start getting all those seed and plant catalogs and start plotting our garden plots… I’ll be sharing some 2019 All America Selection Winners.

Veggies are some of my favorites to begin with as I have a penchant for peppers and tomatoes!

‘Sparky’ is first on MY list.  I love tomatoes and this little cherry is one of the few X-tended Shelf Life (XSL) cherry tomatoes available to home gardeners.


‘Sparky’ is early to mature, prolific and very flavorful. The plants are prolific deliverers of this sweet little fruit!  ‘Sparky’ has excellent heat tolerance and can grow in harsh conditions. This is an Indeterminate 5-6’ plant that produces in 60-70 days from transplant.  ‘Sparky’ got some nice compliments from the judges on it’s unique color and sweet flavor.

  • “Beautiful fruit, VERY vigorous! The size of the fruit was just right! Lots of fruit to harvest.”
  • “Entry was the most vigorous plant. Very productive, best color and very good flavor.”

I’m really excited about this latest pepper winner, ‘Just Sweet F1’.  

‘Just Sweet’ F1

A unique snacking pepper with four lobes like a larger bell pepper, only smaller. Not only are the 3 inch fruits deliciously sweet with nice thick walls but the plants are vigorous growers (up to 36 inches tall and 15 inches wide) AND they don’t need to be staked because they’ve been bred to have a strong bushy habit.

‘Just Sweet’

Many judges conduct consumer taste tests and reported back that this pepper won those tests, hands down.  ‘There’s also improved disease resistance. Maturity is in 65 to 75 days, that’s good for those of us in colder climates! I love a tasty sweet pepper just for munching on. These would also be great in kids lunchboxes!