A visit to Creekside Soils

Sun. Sep. 6, 2015

I recently had the opportunity to visit Creekside Soils.  What a great facility!  In the late ’90’s the City of Hutchinson, MN decided to do something about all the organic wet waste!  And in 2001 they opened a 24 acre site for composting of yard waste, brush, logs and organic wet waste.  The site produces high grade compost for homeowners, nurseries and landscapers.  In this day where our landfills are filling up quickly, this is an environmentally friendly way to decrease the use of those landfills AND reuse what’s reusable!

nearly finished product ready for any amendments
nearly finished product ready for any amendments

Their vision statement:

Creekside will provide an environmentally responsible alternative disposing of city and county organics in area landfills.  This will be done in a manner that is self-sustaining and provides the optimum benefits, economic and otherwise to the residents of Hutchinson.  Creekside values innovation, market flexibility, incorporating best business practices, establishing partnerships, meetings or exceeding customer requirements, maintain good relationships with neighbors and being recognized as a community asset by the residents of Hutchinson and McLeod County.

Andy Kosek, General Manager, and Becky Kobow, Sales and Marketing Specialist, both told me that education is KEY when it comes to residents understanding WHAT goes into the organic wet waste bin and what goes into the recycling bin!

Go to their website Creekside Soils   for more information and click HERE for a list of WHAT goes in and what does note

They have a new product coming out called “Supreme Gardeners Mix” from their Wonder Blend line – just add water!  Ideal for all vegetables, it’s great for annuals and perennials too.  You’ll be hearing more on this product coming up!

Go to my Garden Bite with Teri Knight facebook page for more {and larger} pictures!

Creekside composted cow manure


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