AAS winners for 2018

Wed. Dec. 27, 2017

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As an All America Selection  it also means that none of these Winners are bred or produced using genetic engineering also known as GMO’s.  In the now frigid north, how does the South pacific sound?  Pleasing, I’d say.

And so is the new Canna selected by AAS.  ‘South pacific Orange’ is compact growing from 15 to 52 inches, it’s well suited for both landscape and container use. It will be shorter if grown in a container.  This variety is more vigorous, more uniform, and has more basal branching than comparison cannas. It offers an attractive, vivid bright orange that contrasts nicely with the bright green foliage.

Canna ‘South Pacific Orange’ 2018

Pollinator gardens will love this addition of an attractive canna that sports uniformly colored flowers over a long blooming period. Bonus: this canna is grown from seed, not tuber, meaning less chance of succumbing to disease. Seeds should be sown indoors in mid- to late February in a growing medium. Lightly cover the seeds and water. Maintain a temperature of 68 to 77°F. When seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant them into individual pots. Plant outdoors after the danger of frost is past.  The judges loved it’s pollinator friendly attitude!

To be honest with you, sometimes I get bored with marigolds.  Okay, there are some pretty large beauties out there but for 2018, the AAS judges have chosen a bi-colored beauty called ‘Super Hero Spry’.  This delightful compact french marigold grows 10 to 12 inches.  It has dark maroon lower petals and golden yellow upper petals perched on top of the dark green foliage.

Marigold ‘Super Hero Spry’ 2018

The list of winning attributes continues: a more uniform and stable color pattern, earlier to bloom and no deadheading required.  This bushy little plant blooms from summer to frost in full sun.

Here’s a look back at some past winners…

Carrot ‘Thumbelina’ 1992

Thumbelina is a mini-carrot roughly the size of a golf ball when harvested.  This gourmet carrot is delicious eaten raw or cooked.

There’s no other information on the AAS website about the winner below…  it won in 1955!  But I found some here at American Meadows.  It grows to 30 inches tall and is zone 3 hardy


Columbine ‘McKana giant’ 1955