Abundant harvest

Fri. Aug. 5, 2016

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Every year for the last, really, five years, vegetable gardening has exploded.   With that comes an abundance of harvest!  You might be sitting there in the midst of a load of lettuce greens, a collection of cucumbers or your neighbors are pleading with you, please no more zucchini bread.  If that’s the case, then consider donating your extra harvest to area food shelves.  Be sure to call them and ask how you can donate.  If you can’t find one immediately, call your local city or county government.

harvest large

A friend of mine works for the Emergency Foodshelf Network and confirms what many of us know,  and may feel personally, that more and more folks are in need.  It’s estimated that 65 percent of those using foodshelves are families with kids.  Of course kids out of school means they don’t have access to the reduced lunches that they had during the school year, so the need in summer is even greater.

Some farmers markets will also accept your produce and donate it when they donate what’s left of theirs…  Here’s  more info at Farmers Market Coalition

The Garden Gleaning toolkit is designed to help food shelves and gardeners figure out how best to collect and donate.  It was started a few years ago but I had a hard time getting to the original webpage.  In fact it takes you elsewhere.  I DID find this PDF of the booklet.  Click HERE

Garden gleaning project

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