After the flowering’s over – Amaryllis bulb care

Mon. Feb. 6, 2017

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After the flowering’s over what do you do?  Those amaryllis blooms are stunning and you’d like to keep the plant.  The secret to keeping amaryllis thriving for years is to keep the plants actively growing AFTER they have finished blooming.

Amaryllis ‘Red Peacock’

University based experts recommend you cut off the flowers once they’ve faded to prevent seed formation. Letting them go to see will deplete important energy reserves in the bulb and reduce blooming.  Do not remove the flower stalk until it has turned yellow.

Amaryllis gone to seed

After your plant has finished blooming, you’ve cut the faded flowers and the stem has yellowed, place it in the sunniest possible location indoors. It will continue to grow long, smooth leaves. These leaves will promote photosynthesis. Continue to water and fertilize the plant regularly with an all-purpose houseplant plant fertilizer.

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Amaryllis leaves

You can place your amaryllis outside in the summer once the chance of frost is gone.  You need to acclimate your amaryllis – this means putting it out in part shade and then slowly moving it into more sun gradually moving into full sun.  You can plant the whole pot, or just leave it.  Continue to fertilize monthly with an all-purpose houseplant / indoor plant fertilizer. This will help build up nutrients in the bulb for flower production the next year.  Amaryllis plants should be brought indoors before the first frost in the fall. They will not survive frost or freezing temperatures.


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