Amaryllis – tis the season

Wed. Nov. 25, 2020

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Amaryllis is one of those gorgeous plants that helps ring in the holiday season. While we may not be able to see all of our loved ones in person, we can send them love with a beautiful bloom.

Amaryllis ‘Half and Half’

There are a huge variety of choices. I did find one that seems to sum up a bit of 2020, it’s new this year and called ‘Half and Half’.

  • Choose large, firm bulbs – grapefruit size will give you the most blooms for your buck
Amaryllis Bulb –

Before bloom, keep your Amaryllis in a sunny window away from cold drafts.

  • When the flower buds start to show color, move your plant OUT of direct sunlight to a bright, indirect sunlit area
  • Water well, letting the water drain out the bottom, then let it dry out before watering again.
  • Cooler temps in lower light levels will prolong the blooms
  • Once the bloom is gone, you can treat it like a sun-loving houseplant.
  • Cut the blooms off so they don’t form seeds
    Amaryllis gone to seed
  • Leave the foliage till it’s yellowed
  • When it warms up in Spring, you can plant your amaryllis, pot and all, in a sunny spot
  • Bring back into the house before the first frost
  • Store in a dark closet with no water for 8 to 12 weeks, letting the bulbs rest
  • When new growth starts, repeat above process!

There are SO many choices!!!

Grand diva
Amaryllis ‘Susan’ by Amaryllis and Caldium
Amaryllis ‘Red Peacock’

And the list goes on………………