Annuals – 2016 introductions

Mon. Apr. 18, 2016

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Please excuse my voice!  I’m getting over the flu.  😉

The garden centers are filling up with the fragrance of Spring!  Loaded down with pansies and impatiens, violas and petunias.  Baskets of Rex begonias and calibrachoa.  Your head is spinning with choices.  Let’s take a peek at a few new choices!

Bidens - Campfire fireburst
Bidens – Campfire fireburst

This 2016 intro is from Proven Winners and is described as “Plant me anywhere, I’M EASY”.  Vigorous and heat tolerant with striking scarlet and yellow flowers in the summer months and muted orange petals in early spring and fall.  Continuous Bloom or Rebloomer.  It’s a trailing plant to 18 inches and needs sun.

For shade, browallia is a great annual.  This year’s newest is a bright white called ‘Endless Flirtation’.  It has a mounding habit and grows to 20 inches tall, it’s spread is 14 inches.  It’s another profuse bloomer.

Browallia 'Endless Flirtation'
Browallia ‘Endless Flirtation’

And then there’s this:

Superbells 'Holy Moly'
Superbells ‘Holy Moly’ aka Calibrachoa

These are one of my favorite container plants!  These are mini-petunias!  They bloom all summer in sun to part sun.  Garden height is about 12 inches but they trail up to 24 inches!  They do like good drainage.  Read more HERE.

I had to share the Petunia ‘Sophistica’ below…  😉  Petunias are good cool season annuals as well.  They tend to get leggy and brown in the heat of summer.

Petunia - Sophistica

Northern gardeners can still expect frost until mid May.

Other cool season dandies:

  • pansies
  • impatiens
  • primroses
  • calendula
  • snapdragons
  • nasturtiums
  • petunias

Here are a couple of containers I spotted up along my cousin’s “Up North” lake cabin:

toy car planter tub planter

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