Annuals for punctuation

Fri. Jun. 5, 2020

Click below to listen to my 2 min. Garden Bite radio show: Annuals for punctuation

Punctuate your landscape by stuffing some annuals in with your perennials!  Annuals make great transitions for filling in those “holes” in our perennial gardens.

spent foliage of alliums hidden slightly by growing dropseed

As the tulips and daffodils fade, don’t pull them out, just put some pretty annuals around them!  Either right in the ground or in pots.

The ‘Wave’ petunias are some of my favorites for sun.  They fill in very nicely, offer a wide variety of colors and generally don’t get as leggy as some other plants during the dog days of summer.

coleus, guara and gerbera

Of course, there are LOTS of annuals to choose from… Osteospermum, gerbera daisies, salvia, zinnias… the list goes ON!

geraniums and osteospermum

For shadier spots, coleus can’t be beat with the amazing colors and don’t forget caladiums, they like it warm, so planting now is perfect!

2019 container kong coleus, celosia, impatiens in bucket

I do love the chance to “change” the look of my garden every year.  Maybe I’m into the monochromatic look or I might focus on foliage.  The plus to foliage is that it never looks bad… unless of course it’s dying.. like the tulips….  so never mind.

Another plus to adding annuals to your perennial bed is that by the time they’re needed, local nurseries are having sales.   Plant sales are even better than shoe sales!

As promised, a video I did about 6 years ago using terra cotta pots…  trust me on this