Are Fifi’s odd jobs compostable

Mon. Mar. 12, 2018

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It’s Doggie Duty time!  The “waste” could be still frozen, buried under snow piles that will soon be melting… or it’s already a (let’s called it muddy) mess.

Either way, people still ask about whether they can compost their dog’s poop.  The quick answer is yes but there are some considerations.

Gigi – my beautiful girl moved on in late 2015

Should you compost it with your food and leaf material to use it on your veggie garden – absolutely not.

dog waste composter

The environmentally sound method is to get an old plastic garbage pail, drill holes in the sides and cut out the bottom.  Then find an area with well draining soil away from your vegetable garden and preferably out of sight.  Dig a hole deep enough to sink the garbage can and dump fido’s odd jobs in it.

Add a product called Septonic once or twice a month.  It’s an enzyme-active biological compound that helps breakdown the dog doo. There are other comparable products, the point being the enzyme that breaks down the poop.

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Dog Waster Composter


There are some who feel it’s perfectly fine to spread composted dog poop on their perennial beds and shrubs and trees.  Personally, I don’t.

Cat poop must be disposed.