Autumnal Equinox – savoring Fall

Tue. Sep. 22, 2020

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 Happy Autumnal Equinox Day!  We turn the Autumnal corner at 8:30 this morning! Some trees are already changing color, hopefully we’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the show. I think my French lilac is very happy to move on to 2021!

French lilac Fall leaves up close

I just love this time of year.  Sweatshirts and flannels, leaving the windows cracked open at night with that cool air making good sleeping weather

We are bringing in our garden harvests and deciding how to preserve, can, dry or freeze them for winter.  The change of seasons means we need to watch those temps as they start to dip! Remember your herbs, peppers and tomatoes and throw a sheet over them just to be safe.

floating row cover sans the hoops 9-15-20

I’ve been dehydrating herbs like sage, oregano, lavender and tarragon, which is a perennial.

lavender dehydrating 2020

For the first time I’ve grown stevia. WOW is THAT sweet, not sure I’ll bother with that one again.

tarragon and stevia – ps tarragon is a perennial and delicious! 

As for those dried tomatoes, well, I use them in a LOT of dishes from pastas to soups and stews and egg dishes too! When cooked or dried that tomatoey (my made up word) flavor really intensifies.

When roasting them, I toss on some fresh garlic and jalapenos along with sea salt and basil or oregano. Oh the smell is to die for!

Roasting tomatoes 

 I know 2020 has been and continues to be a challenging year for many of us, so let’s just take a moment and celebrate TODAY.

old pic but same feeling!

Reflect on your gardens, all the changes you made that you love… and those you might want to change as you plan for next year.

the start of the rain garden 2020

Kick back with a brew or a hot chocolate and enjoy the change of seasons yet again!