Beets and peaches

Thu. Jan. 7, 2016

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As I lingered over catalogs of plants cozied up on the couch with a cup of cocoa and a blanket of snow tucked over my gardens, I found a beet and a peach I’d like to try.  I have diverse tastes! 😉

I’ve always been a fan of Detroit Dark Red and Ruby Queen beets but ‘Forono’ is an intrigue.  It is a smooth, oblong variety of beet that is described as sugar sweet and easy to slice. ‘Forono’ resists bolting and won’t go corky or soft if harvest is delayed.

beet 'Forono'
beet ‘Forono’

Root vegetables grow best when the soil is not compacted or full of rock!  ‘Forono’ beets are tender and extra juicy even if harvest is delayed. Small, dark green tops are sweet, edible. Tolerant to downy mildew. Resists bolting.

Another beet that Gurney says is the richest, sweetest beet they’ve ever tasted.  It’s called ‘Harrier hybrid’.  They also say you don’t need butter!

Beet - Harrier hybrid
Beet – Harrier hybrid

Beets are easy to grow from seed.  Be sure to thin them once they’re at least a couple of inches tall.  Remember they need room for their root!

As for a peach, well, a contender for northern gardens, it’s aptly named ‘Contender’.  The tree can grow up to 25 feet in full sun with a width of 8 to 20 feet.  It starts delivering a large crop of peaches at 3 or 4 years old with peak production at 12.

Peach - Contender
Peach ‘Contender’

‘Contender’ is a self-pollinating tree that produces large flavorful fruit with pink cheeks that ripen in late August.  It has been grown reliably in zone 4 to about 6.  Any warmer climates ‘Contender’ doesn’t produce flowers or fruit as well.

A peach tree flat NOT wonderful for climate zones 4 and colder is called ‘Flat Wonderful’ and is just that for zones 5 and warmer.  It really is adorably flat but also reportedly very flavorful and doesn’t get mushy!

Peach 'Flat Wonderful'
Peach ‘Flat Wonderful’

Straight from Gurney’s website:  A truly unique new peach from Rutgers University. Gives you gorgeous, showy blossoms in Spring, brilliant, glossy maroon foliage in early Summer and wonderful, yellow-fleshed, doughnut shaped peaches in late July. Super sweet. When you plant this peach, you get a beautiful landscape specimen and out-of-this-world fruit.

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