Bunnies – the good, the bad and monitoring your plants

Fri. Jan. 29, 2016

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It’s a good idea to monitor your outdoor plants, particularly those 3 years and younger, at this time to see if the critters have been nibbling.  If they have, you need to get some hardware cloth or chicken wire and surround them.

Hardware cloth comes in a variety of sizes, you’re best to buy one with small mesh.  Now on to Public Enemy Number ONE…  maybe….

Turns out, rabbit poop is really good for the garden…   Those little brown pellets are a bonanza for your soil.  They’re filled with nitrogen.  If you have a pet rabbit, be sure to put their poo in your compost pile.

On a side note:  whenever I shovel the sidewalk, I add snow around my newly planted Crabapple.  It’s a great insulator and I can track rabbit tracks.  So far, they’ve left it alone!

Crabapple in snow

Lime Sulfur is reportedly good for killing scale, borers and mites.  It also works as a fungicide to kill black spot and powdery mildew.  Be careful which plants you use it on and be sure to follow the directions.  Do NOT use on Maples or Viburnums.

Eastern tent caterpillar egg masses can be spotted now.  You can prune out twigs that have these masses on them from now until March, before they hatch.

Egg masses in late winter


Eastern tent caterpillar
Eastern tent caterpillars

IPM – Cornell University Eastern Tent Caterpillar information

Eastern tent map

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