Change is gonna come

Mon. Mar. 6, 2017

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The only constant in life is change!  Change in the garden comes from the PLANTS, US or CRITTERS.

If a plant’s not working in a certain spot, then change it!  Right Plant, Right Place.

  • What are the sun/shade requirements
  • What’s the soil type
  • What’s the pH of your soil

Check out the University of Minnesota Extension for a comprehensive soil test.  You can pick up a soil test at nurseries or big box stores too but the information that you receive from the U of MN will be much more informative.  Check your LOCAL COUNTY SWCD for information.  Soil and Water Conservation District.

I “renewed” my burning bush which was full of dead branches.  While it looks better, at some point it will have to come out.  [I still can’t bear to let go of it]  It was planted WAY too close to the house to begin with, which hampers it’s growth and leads to an earlier death…

This is a picture of the front of my home when I bought it.  As you can see the Burning Bush looks great there but, still too close to the house and it had a lot of dead branches.  I ripped out all of the Siberian Iris and hosta.

2012 – when I bought the home


I have a lot more sidewalk than I thought!  All of those plants are now on the other side of my garage.  Which is sort of a “catchall” and my compost pile.

long view of hosta, compost, iris 5-26-15

Remember, your garden is an ever evolving process.  Don’t be afraid of change.  Me, well, I just start somewhere and go from there.  With a limited budget I do one step at a time.  I like putzing anyway!

2015 front of home early in the season
2016 late in the season

Always a “work in progress”, which I love!


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