Choosing plants NOT for cost but for longevity – the case for local garden centers

Fri. Sep. 18, 2020

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Admission, I am guilty of this. Looking at the garden catalogs and seeing a spectacular looking plant and the price knocked down by 50%… because it’s Fall and falling in love. I nearly did that with a stunning hibiscus called ‘Midnight Marvel’.

Midnight Marvel from Brecks

This baby’s got some serious YOWZA goin’ on! But I stopped myself from ordering it! I chose to read the reviews. I’m glad I did. While some people had good luck, the majority did not.

So, the point is, when you see those great deals and think how lovely that plant would look in your landscape, take a look at the reviews. Because a good deal isn’t a good deal if the plant dies.

There are other considerations when ordering plants…

  • Really go over exactly WHAT they’re offering in terms of size of plant
  • Where the plants came from. For those of us in colder climates, we have to think about where a plant was grown. Will it be acclimated to our zone?
  • What’s their return policy

Always your best bet is your local garden center. Most of those owners, and certainly most of their employees, are much more interested in your satisfaction because they will see you again, and again, hopefully.

Their aim is to give you the best product. If you DO see something in a catalog that you REALLY want, then go to your local garden center and ask them THEIR thoughts on that particular plant, that particular cultivar.

While this has been a wild year for our local nurseries, many have sold out of plenty of product, they will be here next year too. They offer you immediate advice.

Of course, you can always ask me! I will do my best to find the best answers for you. I admit, I think you have to be over 108 to know everything… or older! HA.